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Solves problems - saves money

Diesel Injection Vliegenthart is continuously developing and innovating its reconditioning techniques, striving to keep up with the latest research and development findings in the field of the diesel injection industry.  ▸ More about us

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Complete overhaul fuel injection pump & valves

Diesel injection is able to react immediately on your needs


On board / on-site technical assistance

We promise that there is a guaranteed solution.

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Fuel pump plunger & barrel reconditioning

A reliable and economic alternative to replacing your plungers & barrels.

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Multiway valve overhaul (FIVA/ELFI)

We are ready for the future

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Diesel Injection Vliegenthart is constantly striving to further improvement of its services.

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We are strategically located in the Port of Rotterdam.

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Diesel Injection Vliegenthart is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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Diesel Injection Vliegenthart is continuously developing and innovating its reconditioning techniques, striving to keep up with the latest research and development findings in the field of the diesel injection industry. 

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