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Complete overhaul of fuel injection pump & valves

Diesel injection is able to react immediately on your needs

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The fuel injection system, consisting of the fuel injection pump and fuel injection valve, has to perform very accurately. Few seem to fully take into account the effects of extreme pressure, temperatures, switching of fuel and reduced lubricity of the ultra-low Sulphur fuels. Failure of fuel injection equipment leads to reduced engine performance or breakdown.

Our main activity is reconditioning the complete range of fuel injection nozzles, complete fuel injection valves, fuel injection pumps single and in-line, fuel pump plungers & barrels, governors etc. for 2 & 4 stroke engines. Thanks to intensive technical research effort we could develop advanced reconditioning methods. Hence we can do extensive rush jobs without harming the technical quality.

Our ultrasonic cleaning system produces an optimal cleaning to start our process in reconditioning. This system removes all external and internal contaminates from fuel injector and fuel pumps. The result is an even greater improvement in reliability and a consequently saving in both time and money.

Technicians at Diesel Injection Vliegenthart have the possibility to inspect and measure very thoroughly. When wear and size exceed the limit our technicians are able to renew and calibrate the worn out parts. Our state of the art machine shop execute with the latest improvements have all of the equipment required to offer extensive repairs of most fuel injection components.

We guarantee you optimal function and a life expectancy of 100% comparable with new. Implementation of research and development findings are part of a policy which aims at stretching the life span of the Diesel Injection’s work, whilst at the same time attaining the height of technical reliability.

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Diesel Injection Vliegenthart is continuously developing and innovating its reconditioning techniques, striving to keep up with the latest research and development findings in the field of the diesel injection industry. 

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