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Multiway Valve Overhaul FIVA/ELFI

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Multiway Valve Overhaul FIVA ELFI 1 diesel injection vliegenthart

As Diesel injection we are not laying back. We are aware of the fact that diesel engines are changing, often due to the high emission standards these days. In this we strive to provide our customers with products and reconditioning services that meet their expectations.

The new range of engines of 2- stroke marine diesel engines ME-GI, ME/ME-C, ME-B, ME-S executed, with Multivalve Valve for regulation of high pressure oil flow for fuel pump and exhaust valve need special attention. To expand our service program, Diesel injection Vliegenthart has developed their own test device for overhaul and calibration of FIVA/ELFI Multiway valves.

Overhaul of FIVA/ELFI Multiway valves as below scope: 

  • Pre-testing on test device and report.
  • Stripping, ultrasonic cleaning and  dye checking.
  • Inspection/measuring of pilot/main spool, solenoid actuator and electrical wiring/connections.
  • Machining and lapping of all necessary landing surfaces.
  • Assembling with new spares where needed complete with gasket set.
  • Testing and calibrating on test device.
  • Reporting.
  • Preservative packing.

Implementation of research and development findings are part of a policy which aims at stretching the life span of the Diesel Injection’s work, whilst at the same time attaining the height of technical reliability.

Multiway Valve Overhaul FIVA ELFI 2 diesel injection vliegenthart
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Diesel Injection Vliegenthart is continuously developing and innovating its reconditioning techniques, striving to keep up with the latest research and development findings in the field of the diesel injection industry. 

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