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Fuel pump plunger & barrel reconditioning

A reliable and economic alternative to replacing your plungers & barrels.

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Re-plungering is a cost effective solution for the commercial marine industry. It is also an option when dealing with the challenges often experienced in the present environment of frequent fuel switching in SECA (SOx Emission Control Areas) and fuel quality issues due to the reduced lubricity of the ultra-low Sulphur fuels.

The team of Diesel Injection has been aware of this  for over 30 years. The experience gained in that time manifests itself in the quality of its service today and lead to investments in the latest state of the art of precision CNC and grinding machinery to manufacture there own wear parts with high quality certified steel. A large variety of new plungers are made this way and are kept in stock, which can be accurately built in during reconditioning.

Recon of fuel pump plunger & barrel incl. new plunger as below scope:

  • Stripping, ultrasonic cleaning, dye checking, inspection of internal wear and measuring report.
  • Honing of barrel square to axis line and vanish all internal wear.
  • Preparing new plunger with necessary heat treatment.
  • Finish grinding under maker tolerance.
  • Apply of coating WCC/DLC/TIN where required.
  • Clearance control.
  • Grinding of high pressure landing surfaces faces/ grinding of valve seats and cones if required
  • Pressure testing.
  • Preservative packing and final measuring report.

Implementation of research and development findings are part of a policy which aims at stretching the life span of the Diesel Injection’s work, whilst at the same time attaining the height of technical reliability.

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Diesel Injection Vliegenthart is continuously developing and innovating its reconditioning techniques, striving to keep up with the latest research and development findings in the field of the diesel injection industry. 

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