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On board/on-site technical assistance

We promise that there is a guaranteed solution.

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Here at Diesel Injection, we strongly believe that a company can only be as good as its employees. Therefore we focus on solving your engine problem by ambitious OEM trained engineers. In addition Diesel Injection Vliegenthart provides in cooperation with PB Marine Inspections: engine inspections, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair service.

Inspections as below scope:

  • Cylinder condition check including full measurements report (Inspection through the scavenge air receiver, Blowers, Flaps, WMC, Receiver, inspection of piston rings, skirts, top lands and ring lands, Data to be collected and discussion of latest engine performance data).
  • Crankcase Inspection small / full (inspection of crankcase and measurement of bearings clearances, inspection of the bearing edges)
  • Chain drive inspection (inspection of the chain and rollers, inspection of the wheels, guide bars)
  • Cam shaft (inspection of camshaft and cams, polishing of cams)
  • Timing measurement Lubricators (measurement of timing and actual feed rate)
  • Crankshaft (deflections)
  • Timing check (measurement of fuel and exhaust timing)
  • Engine full Inspection according actual running hours (full engine inspection including latest data compared with shop trail measurements)
  • Assistance during dry docking periods for several inspections
  • Assistance during maintenance on board (training)
  • Inspection of fuel oil system (Running on MGO / MDO)
  • Pneumatic / maneuvering systems.
  • Service quotations on request

Implementation of research and development findings are part of a policy which aims at stretching the life span of the Diesel Injection’s work, whilst at the same time attaining the height of technical reliability.

On board on site technical assistance 2 diesel injection vliegenthart
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Diesel Injection Vliegenthart is continuously developing and innovating its reconditioning techniques, striving to keep up with the latest research and development findings in the field of the diesel injection industry. 

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